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Anime world Specail RPG

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Anime world Specail RPG

Post by steph1331 on Mon May 04, 2009 12:23 pm

First, do not post this rpg in another forum if you do i will ban you for this rpg is ment for only the good member of Anime world.

The Plot

Animals that looked normal where placed on earth by unknown terrorists. But all of the ones that werent normal, and could not be placed there where placed one a small planet not to far from earth. This planet can not be found for it has been a invisible planet to humane eyes.

On this small planet all of humans myth's are a true thing. There are beasts with wings the size of there body, called dragons and there are green little men that run across the ground called elves, any type of mythical creature you can think of is there.

So now you need to become your character and protect this small planet, for it has finaly been found by the humans.. in the year 2020 on fabaury 22nd and what the humans have in mind on doing, is not a pretty thing...

Character sign-up sheet

Species: (if you need a list of mythical species go to the bottom of the post to where the link is, it has a list of mythical creatures)
App: (A picture of a dicreption of what your charii looks like)

Heres is the code you can copy and past for you charii's sign up sheet.

the link---> <--- the link

(i do not own this picture)
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