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The rules that every RPG has to follow

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The rules that every RPG has to follow

Post by steph1331 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:14 pm

okay so here are the rules of RPGing.

1. no godmodding - what is godmodding?- godmodding is where you make a charecter that can not be killed

2. no power playing - what is power playing?- power playing is where you control other poeples charecters.

3. keep it pg-13 - meaning no sex, you can only go as far as to where two charecters are kissing. if you realy must rpg above pg-13 you can pm.

4. try to not go to far ahead of a charecter. no one likes comeing back and haveing to read 3 - 15 pages just to rpg again.

5. have fun ( eh not much of a rule but RPGing is supose to be fun)

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