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Forbidden Love

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Forbidden Love

Post by steph1331 on Mon May 11, 2009 9:07 pm

Forbidden Love

I was walking down Elm Street slowly. It was getting late and I knew I needed to get home before it was to late and I got in trouble for being out so long. But my mind just wouldn’t register that, It just kept thinking of what Sara said to me earlier. I sighed lightly and looked up at the darkening sky.
“what are you doing out here” Eric said to me, surprising me. I laughed a little as I looked at him, “ I’m just thinking” I said back to him. “what’cha thinking about?” Eric asked me. I stood there, looking at him, ‘ should I tell him? Would he over react?’ I thought to myself. “Hello? Earth to Liz , Are you still alive?” Eric said to me, jokingly. The minute I heard Eric’s voice I snapped out of my deep thinking and said “oh um.. I’m thinking about what someone said to me”
Eric’s face for some reason got a sudden hint of anger at my words then he said “oh, what did this someone say to you.” I took a deep breath and said slowly “ they said they loved me” Eric looked down and then said “who is this person?” I looked away, I know he will never think of me the same if I told I thought to myself before saying “ just a friend of mine. Well Eric it was nice talking to you but I gotta go, If I don’t get home soon I’ll get in trouble.” Eric looked at me and smiled a little as he said” okay, talk to later Liz”
I smiled a little then turned around and started to run home. ‘I hope he forgets I told him that’ I thought to myself as I smiled big at the site of my light green house. ‘ I still cant believe my parents picked that color for the house’ I thought as I quickly opened the door and ran in side.
“I’m home!” I yelled as I slowed down, slowly walking into the bright blue kitchen. “where have you been? What took you so long?” my dad asked, obviously thinking I had been out with a guy by the look he had on his face. “I took the long way home from the park. I thought I could make it home in time but I guess I was wrong. Sorry for being late” I said as I quickly hugged my dad before going to the fridge and opening it, pulling out some cheese to snack on.
“ why did you take the long way home? I thought I told you to always take the quick route” my dad said stubbornly to me. “cause I like the long way home, its nice and beautiful” I said to my dad as I quickly left the kitchen, not wanting to talk to my dad any more.
Once I was far enough away from the kitchen I slowed my paste down and slowly walked into my room. I smiled at the site of the bright yellow walls and the nickel back posters I had covering all of my walls. I slowly walked to my bed and laid down.
’Now I need to think about earlier…’ I thought to myself as I slowly started picking at the cheese and eating small parts off it. ’I cant like another girl, its wrong’ I started thinking to myself. ’but I like her so much..’ I kept thinking to myself.
I sighed and looked up at the roof of my room. “honey, are you okay?” said my mom sweetly to me as she walked. I smiled, she always knows when I’m having a problems. “yeah I guess” I said to her as I picked at my cheese more, not looking at my mom. My mom lightly sat on my bed and placed her hand on my leg and looked at me as she said “what’s wrong?” I looked at my mom, I didn’t want to tell her but I couldn’t hide it from her. “ A girl said she loved me and I think I love her too but I cant love her cause its wrong” I said quickly, hoping my mom would just take that and leave me alone. My mom didn’t leave but she didn’t say anything for the longest time. I started to get scared, thinking my mom was going to get mad at me.
“Liz, its okay to love another girl. It might not be right in religion but your not a religious person so you don’t have to worry about that. So if you really like this girl you should tell her” my mom explained to me. I looked at her and smiled, “okay, thanks mom” I said back to her, hoping that now she would leave me alone. My mom smiled back at me and said “okay and no problem, I’m always here if you need to talk to me.” My mom then stood up and left my room.
I finished eat the cheese and stared at the roof of my room, thinking about what my mom had said. I then stood up, ‘I’m so going to get in trouble for this’ I thought as I walked over to my window. I then slowly slid the window up. I looked out the window and lightly bit my lip. “I hope I don’t get into to much trouble” I whispered as I put my legs through the window then jumped out of the window, landing on the wet lawn that was on the side of the house.
I then walked to the gate that lead to the front of the house and undid the lock. I took a deep breath then started running the minute the gate was open all the way. I ran straight across the street then stopped once I was in front of Sara’s house. I looked at her light brown house, almost looking scary at how the darkness laid against her house.
I slowly walked to the side of the house and climbed over there fence, making no noise as I did so. I then slowly walked the side of there house, looking for the only window on this side of the house. Once I saw the window I lightly tapped on it 3 times, just like I do on Sara’s desk at school when she isn’t paying attention.
I took a deep breath and watched the window, hoping I had picked the right window. Suddenly the blinds opened and then so did the window its self, once the window opened a familiar voice called out of it, “hello? Who’s there”. I smiled and whispered back, “hi Sara, its me Liz.” Sara took a deep breath and said “ what do you want?”. I sighed a little and whispered to Sara “ let me in and I’ll tell you”. “okay, fine.” said Sara as she walked away from the window.
I took a firm grip on Sara’s window and hoisted myself up and into the window, lightly landing in her white room. Sara looked at me and I looked back at her as I asked “did you really mean what you said to me earlier at the park?” Sara looked at me, almost surprised at my question. “of course I meant what I said at the park. Why are you asking” asked Sara.
I looked at Sara, I didn’t know what to do.. I suddenly didn’t have the courage to tell her how I really felt. I started blushing a lot as I said “um.. I.. I..” I stopped what I was trying to say and looked down. ‘I’m such a idiot for thinking I could have the courage to tell her’ I thought to myself.
I was about to tell Sara I’m sorry when she walked over to me and lightly put her hand under my chin and made me look into her eyes. Sara didn’t say anything, just kept looking into my eyes. I thought she was going to get mad at me for bugging her late at night for no reason. Sara slowly moved closer to me and lightly pressed her lips against mine.
I looked at Sara wide eyed, Amazed at how bold she was. I lightly closed my eyes after my amazement about Sara went away and let my lips linger against hers before taking a small step back, breaking the small kiss. “Sara, I love you” I said to her quickly.
Sara smiled and said “ I love you too” I hugged her tightly once then said, “I’m sorry about suddenly leaving you at the park.. I didn’t know what to do” “its okay” Sara said to me, her smile still placed big on her.
“Well I’m sorry to do this. But I have to go back home before parents realize I’m not home” I said to Sara as I hugged her again once. “oh ok. Sleep well Liz” said Sara back to me, hugging me tightly back before letting go.
I waved to Sara once then slid out of her window and lightly ran from the side of house to the fence I had to climb. I quickly climbed the fence, once I got over it I ran back across the street and to the window to my room.
Once I got inside my room and I looked around quickly and saw that nothing had changed. I sighed at the fact that no one had looked inside of my room while I was gone. Once I was done glancing around my room I got my pj’s on quickly and slipped into bed.
It was late and I was inpatient, I couldn’t wait for it to be tomorrow so I could see Sara again, even if it was at school. I sighed happily as I closed my eyes and slowly fell into a deep slumber, my mind thinking about nothing else but Sara.

End of part 1 ~~~~~ Start of part 2

12:25 P.M. - School lunch grounds

I looked at my friends and they looked back at me and Sara. Me and her had just walked in to the cafeteria holding hands and our friends were overly curios about why we were.
“ so.. Why did you guys walk in her holding hands” One of our three friends asked me and Sara. I looked down and said slowly, almost wishing me and Sara hadn’t walked in holding hands “Me and her are.. You know.. Girlfriend and girlfriend now”
Our friends faces went in to shock, and then filled with anger. One of our friends then said “you guys can’t do that. Girls cant like girls. Its just wrong to. If you guys really are, its disgusting. I don’t even want to be your friend any more if you are.” I looked away and said, hiding all of the emotions I was feeling from her words, “okay fine, if you guys cant handle it then leave”
They looked at me and Sara one more time, disgust clearly labeled on the face then stood and walked away. The minute they were far enough away I started crying. “ Liz, what’s wrong?” Sara said to me as she wrapped her arms around me. “ I didn’t want to loose my friends” I said through my tears that just kept streaming down my face.
“its okay.. They really aren’t your friends if they cant accept who your dating” Sara said to my sweetly, soothing the hurt I felt from my friends and causing me to finally stop crying.
I smiled and looked at Sara as I said to her “ thank you.” The bell rang loudly then, I sighed and stood up. “guess we better get to class” I said as I grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder. “yeah” said Sara with a small sigh “I’ll see you after school” Sara finished before grabbing her bag and running to class.
What classes I had left went by badly, everyone looked at me rudely and no one was wanted to be my partner when it came to partner assignments. I hated school, it seemed like everyone wanted to bash me for dating a girl.
Once school was over I found Sara and dragged her to the park. Once we were in a secluded area I looked at Sara and said “ school was harsh.. I think we should tell everyone we are not dating and just hide it from everyone that we are.. I don’t think I can handle getting harsh looks from everyone everyday”
Sara looked at me and looked down for a little bit before saying “ I agree with you.. Today was harsh.. I guess our love is forbidden at school for now” Me and Sara looked at each other, Sad at the fact that we couldn’t express who we really are at school.
“ I love you Sara” I said without thinking, blushing once I realized what I had said. Sara smiled and said back to me as she lightly kissed my cheek, “ I love you too”.

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