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A story -Do not read if you cant handle matureness-

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A story -Do not read if you cant handle matureness-

Post by steph1331 on Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:43 pm


'Why'd it happen to me? what did i do to to him.. to make him take me like that. And ruin so much of my life... why didnt i stop him' A tall brown girl thought as she cried, her tears streaking her face and staining her light blue shirt and leaving spots on her jeans.

Chapter 1 -Befor it happened-
"Oh no! im going to be late!" i yelled as i grabed some jeans and a light blue shirt. 'oh man i hope i can get to school on time' i thought as i pulled off my pj's and sliped on my clothes. I smiled alil as i looked at my watch 'good, its only 7:20' i thought as i grabed my bag and ran out of my room and through the front door, out to the street.
I slowed as i started to see my school not to far away. I hope Taru is there i thought as i threw my bag over my shoulder and smiled big."hey, whats up?" said a voice from behind me, startleing me alil. I looked behind and smiled more as i saw Taru, his lightly brown hair swayin alil in the wind and his shirt blew in the wind alil, showin his slight muscle build he had. I lightly bit my lip, he looked good. "hey back, and nothing much. just walking to school obvously"i said back.

This all i have atm i will finish the first chapter later

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