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The main rules- you must always folows these

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The main rules- you must always folows these

Post by steph1331 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 6:00 pm

okay so here are the rules:

1. NO spamming

2. if you want to cuss go cuss some where else not here but if you have to cuss then use *, - or _ for a good portion of the word
here is a example : f***.
if this rule is brokin one to many time i will add a word censor that will censor out all of the cussing words.

3. post thing where they belong, dont make a inuyasha thread in the naruto section

4. do not post any pictures that past a pg-13 rateing meaning a picture of two wolf's fight , as long as their is no blood is aceptable but picture where poeple are nakid is not aloud at all.

5. if some one gives you a bad time or starts yelling at you, do not go and yell back go and tell me or a moderator (you can check the moderater promotion thread to find out who is a moderater and who isnt) and i will go take care of them.

6. Do not make more then one account. It is not needed to have more then one account. if you break this rule both of your accounts will get banned

the rules are subjected to change at any time, i will try to tell you when a rule is added but it should not be my duty to tell everyone when i put in a new rule. also if you find that their is a rule that is needed please post a seggustion of that rule in the suggestion thread.

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